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02 June 2011 @ 12:49 am
Summer is a Time for Reading  

We’re thrilled to welcome June with a slew of forthcoming books! And be assured, there will be something for everyone. Young adult, fantasy romance, post-apocalyptic, science fiction, urban fantasy, sequels, third installments, and more.

We start our releases off with YA sci-fi, Echo by author Jamie Mason.

Fifty years ago, the crew of the Echo took refuge on the planet Hegemony, leaving their starship in orbit behind them.  Fifty years later, the descendants look to the light passing in the night sky and wonder …

Only two generations elapsed before knowledge of the Echo and Earth vanished. All that remain are the Tales: seemingly nonsensical nursery rhymes devised by the Echo’s crew to preserve knowledge of the ship and its operation for future generations. But over time these have degenerated into puzzling fragments.

Petra the Tale-Keeper senses that life on Hegemony is changing and so imposes order by creating a religion based on the Tales. As she seizes power by murdering any who would stand against her, Sarai, a misfit outcast, becomes the only one bold enough to reveal the startling truth.

Under a blood red moon, a prophet enters the City … in the end, no one knows who’ll be the last to stand.

Click on the cover to be taken to the buy page. Click here to read an excerpt.


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